Fabric and shutters


Fabric and shutters are a great combination

If you love window shutters but you love the visual appeal of fabric, you'll love how well they fit together as a single piece. You're likely to have seen these products before and enjoyed how they cater to various needs. As you start to remodel, these products could be perfect for many rooms throughout your home.

Also known as fabric insert shutters, these products are a great solution to many interesting and unique décor schemes. They also offer many other outstanding benefits that will serve you well. You can even create the perfect match with materials from our fabric store.

What are fabric window shutters?

Fabric insert shutters are a permanent window treatment that offers a static frame and an inner area where you can insert the fabric pieces. In addition, you'll find a spring-mounted rod at the bottom and top of the opening, allowing you to switch out fabric pieces whenever you'd like a design change. This setup enables phenomenal décor matching options, even if you change your décor.

These shutter types are harder to source than some popular styles, but many homeowners prefer them. Changing out the upholstery fabric gives you unlimited options for meeting any décor need. And they're easy to wash and reuse as you please.

Some fiberboard shutters are covered entirely with fabric and make a perfect addition to dormer windows. The upholstery process has been honed to create clean, chic, and sharp results, but it also has more rustic options available if you need them. You'll also appreciate that they offer thermal quality and blackout options that are perfect for third-shift workers who need to keep out the light.



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Shutters and fabric are only available at our showroom in Mesa, AZ. Cesar's Floor Covering offers outstanding products and services in window shutters that cater to many homeowners' needs, no matter the project size. So, we're ready to work alongside you, whether you're only doing a single room or an entire home full of windows, for results that bring complete satisfaction. We also answer all your most important questions, so you'll want to visit our Mesa location as soon as possible.

You'll find we have a showroom in Mesa, AZ, and we invite you to visit us any time you're in the area. We serve residents from Chandler, AZ, Mesa, AZ, Gilbert, AZ, Phoenix, AZ, and Scottsdale, AZ. Please stop by today to learn more about what we can do for you.


Browse our sample collections full of the products and options you desire. Whether you are looking to refurbish a favorite family heirloom in your home or have a larger project, such as modernizing your patio furniture, we can help you find the perfect fabric.

We do not stock or order fabric vinyl. We apologize for the inconvenience. Note: Our selection of fabric is special order only.
Fabric and shutters in Mesa, AZ from Cesar's Floor Covering

Norman USA shutters

Mesa Sales offers only Norman shutters. Norman is focused on leading the industry in quality, service, selection and value. With their patented performance, safety-enhancing techniques, and award-winning product designs, Norman has a history of defining the future.